Serenity Essential Oil Aromatherapy Patch


Serenity blend is for those stressful days when you need a little extra calm. The relaxing scent of lavender and coriander, combined with the uplifting oils of bergamot and kumquat, and the warm, earthy aroma of vetiver and labrador tea will leave you in a blissfully relaxed state.

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Find Serenity Within, Breathe Peaceful Bliss with our Serenity Essential Oil Aromatherapy Patch.

Indulge in moments of tranquility and inner peace with our Serenity Essential Oil Aromatherapy Inhaler Patch. Crafted with a harmonious blend of Lavender, Kumquat, Bergamot, Coriander, Davana, Vetiver, Labrador Tea, and Immortelle essential oils, this aromatherapy patch is designed to envelop you in a soothing and serene experience.

This patch works through inhalation. Place the inhaler disk on your shirt or skin and experience the excellent benefits of aromatherapy for 6-8 hours. Simple, easy to use on the go.

Why You’ll Love It:

Experience the calming properties of Lavender, known for its ability to ease stress and promote relaxation. The refreshing scent of Kumquat and Bergamot adds a touch of zest, uplifting your spirits and inspiring a positive mindset. Coriander and Davana lend their aromatic essence, instilling a sense of balance and emotional harmony.

Vetiver and Labrador Tea create a grounding effect, connecting you with the present moment and promoting a centered state of mind. Immortelle adds a touch of floral elegance, enhancing the overall experience of tranquility and inner calm.

Favorite Features:

This natural and convenient inhaler patch allows you to find moments of serenity wherever you go. Free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, it offers a safe and nurturing way to unwind and find inner balance.

Serenity Contains:

Lavender– Calming and relaxing properties, to help reduce stress and promote well-being.
Labrador Tea– Soothing and calming, promoting inner peace and relaxation.

Coriander: Has a warm and spicy aroma, helping to ease nervous tension.

Kumquat: Uplifting and invigorating, promoting a positive mood.
Vetiver: Offers a deep and earthy scent, promoting a sense of security.

Organic essential oils| 100% Natural Ingredients | Vegan | Gluten-Free| Nut Free| Leaping Bunny Certified | Paraben & Sulfate Free

Additional information



Additional Info

Weight                    1-inhaler



Patch works through inhalation only.

Apply patch to skin or clothing.

Patch lasts approximately 6-8hrs.


  • Do not use on children 6 and under. Choking hazard. Always monitor children.
  • Do Consult physician if pregnant or nursing.
  • Consult physician if taking medication or have a medical condition.


Lavender, Kumquat, Bergamot, Coriander, Davana, Vetiver, Labrador Tea, Immortelle.


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