Why should I host a party?

  • Learn about aromatherapy.
  • High quality-small batch aromatherapy products at affordable prices
  • Great Host incentives
  • Discover how Divine Scents can help to solve simple, everyday issues in a natural way

Host a Party

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What to expect at your party

 Host on your own or co-host with a friend
No set-up is necessary, but offering a few light refreshments is recommended
Your consultant will introduce your guests to the variety of products that are available.  Your guests will be able to test the products.  The consultant will be available for any questions you may have on aromatherapy.
Guests who cannot make it to the party can still order online and receive credit toward your party.
Many of the products will be available to take home that day.  Any orders that cannot be filled at the party will arrive 7-10 days after the close of the party.