Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Duo


  • Restful is great for any time you need to relax. My favorite time to use this is before bed to help me unwind and create a serene environment.
  • Energize gives you an aromatic boost with its uplifting, bright, happy aroma.  My favorite time to use this is first thing in the morning, or for during your afternoon slump.
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This Duo is a gem in your wellness toolbox. We have you covered with a bright, uplifting, mood-boosting blend; along with a tranquil and relaxing blend to help you unwind.

It includes:

  • Energize (5ml)

Energize diffuser blend is a fresh burst of aroma. It will add a boost of energy & rejuvenation to your day. The herbal scent of rosemary, the spicy blend of nutmeg & lemongrass, and the grounding combination of cedarwood and fir essential oils are sure to give you a burst of energy and freshness to your day.

Energize Contains:
Rosemary– A herbal, crisp, and piney scent. Stimulating, refreshing, rejuvenating.
Lemongrass– A pungent citrusy aroma. Invigorating, uplifting, refreshing.
Cedarwood– A warm, woodsy aroma. Emotionally grounding, calming, meditative.
Nutmeg– Musky, spicy, and sweet. Warming, motivating, comforting.
Fir– A fresh and earthy scent. Energizing, revitalizing, stabilizing

  • Restful (5ml)

Our Restful Essential Oil blend was created to boost your spirits and help you loosen up after a long and stressful day. This peaceful concoction includes uplifting orange,
emotionally grounding patchouli, and mood-balancing ylang-ylang; all of which help melt away deep-rooted tension from mind and body. When you diffuse this replenishing
blend, you’ll finally feel ready just to let go.

Restful Blend Contains:
Orange– A sweet and tangy citrus scent. Uplifting, refreshing, happy.
Patchouli– A deep and warm earthy aroma. Spiritually grounding and balancing.
Ylang-Ylang– Sweet, floral, and tropical. Relaxing and emotionally balancing.
Clary Sage– Herbal, nutty, and spicy. Calming, balancing, and mentally soothing.

Additional Information

Each blend comes in a 5ml size.


For both blends:

  • Avoid Use if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • If taking medications or have a medical condition, consult a health care practioner before use.

For Energize Only:

  • Avoid use in children under 10yrs. of age.
  • Not for use on skin.




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