B. Divine was created to offer you natural products that you can integrate into your everyday wellness routine.

My interest in Aromatherapy began because I had chronic back pain and wanted a natural way to support myself.  I found that Aromatherapy made the difference and worked. Being a scientist, my curiosity leads me to begin formal training and become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Halfway through my training, my son was diagnosed with cancer.  I began working with the oncologist to use Aromatherapy to support my son through treatment.  Aromatherapy was very effective in combating his nausea and anxiety – it was astounding; even the nurses were amazed by how well it worked.

I found that other families in the cancer clinic were also interested in trying Aromatherapy to support themselves and their children undergoing treatment.  One thing led to another, and I found myself giving free advice to any parent who wanted to use Aromatherapy for their child with cancer.

Through this experience, I realized this could be something for everyone, a way to support people in their total body and mind.  This is how I began B. Divine Aromatherapy.

At B. Divine, I offer products for people who want to incorporate additional wellness tools into their daily life. My desire is to empower you to be the best you can be. Using the science of Aromatherapy, B. Divine products are crafted for everyday challenges that can be safely and efficiently used.

I believe B. Divine Aromatherapy offers natural solutions to everyday challenges; and will improve the lives of those that use them.

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