Aromatherapy Room Spray Duo Gift Box Set


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You're perfect room spray set.  Choose 2 of your favorite blends, and we will add them to a beautiful gift box.

  1. Citrus Bliss- Citrusy, Uplifting, Fun
  2. Eucalyptus- Clarifying, bright, energizing.
  3. Lavender Lift- Calming, soothing.
  4. Rose- Balancing, relaxing.
  5. Peaceful- Grounding cultivates tranquility.
  6. Holiday Blend- A spicy, festive fun aroma.

These make great gifts/stocking stuffers!

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Choice 1

Citrus bliss, Eucalyptus, Holiday Blend, Lavender Lift, Peaceful, Rose

Choice 2

Citrus Bliss, eucalyptus, Holiday Blend, Lavender Lift, Peaceful, Rose


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